Woman Quits Job To Film Herself Eating Fast Food On YouTube

Meet Charna Rowley, a unlikely hero who has quit her day job in admin to devote herself to another profession: eating food on YouTube

Mukbangs, which began in South Korea, are a vlogging fad whereby YouTube personalities eat large quantities of good while interacting with their fans.

On top of the visual aspect, Mukbangs are also popular for their employment of ASMR.

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Yum… this pizza! ❤️ LINK IN MY BIO!

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“I have over 40k viewers, with about 5K subscribed over all platforms and they can request all sorts,” the 22-year-old said.

“One of my first videos was a Pizza Hut one, where I ate two large pizzas and two sides, meaning the calories were straight away in the thousands.

“I’ve had requests for the UK typical takeaways, so that’s why I’ve done videos buying from McDonald’s, Greggs and Pizza Hut.

“I’ll make a minimum of two full-length videos, lasting just under half an hour each, a week, which can cost over £100.”

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LINK IN MY BIO ❤️❤️❤️⚠️⚠️⚠️

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One of Charna’s videso has racked up 48k views, which is not bad for a beginner. And things are only looking up.

she added: “I’ve just got to show how confident I am – I might get something stuck in my tooth or around my mouth but people love how funny I am.

“I have the negative ones, telling me how fat I am, how I could be really pretty if I try not to eat so much but most of the time I just don’t answer.

“I enjoy it and it gives me confidence – and now that I can monetise my channel and really respond to people’s requests, it can become a full-time career move.”

Dream big, Charna. This world needs people to reach for the stars. Or the pizza.

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