UNO Confirms You Can’t Stack +4 Or +2 Cards

Board games are a crucial part of any family game night. Whether it’s Monopoly or Scrabble or UNO, a personal family favorite, you can’t beat a good ol’ game night, can you?

Credit: https://twitter.com/realUNOgame

But the fun of UNO might have been sucked out if you’re one of those who like being sneaky in order to win. The company issued an official statement in which they confirmed what we’ve all been dreading: You cannot stack +4 or +2 cards, at all.

Apparently, if a player puts a +4 card down, the next player has to draw four cards and then skip their turn. Simple. There can be no stacking involved whatsoever.


When the card game company posted the statement to Twitter, it sent the whole of the internet into meltdown. I mean, if you’re an avid UNO player, you’ll know that stacking +4 or +2 cards is a common technique used to win some sneaky points. 

People have tweeted them back claiming “it’s my deck, so it’s my rules…” 

Another user claimed, “I know you made this game up but you’re incorrect.”

Even Footlocker had their say, tweeting this to the card company: “Dear UNO, that’s not even how UNO is played. – From everybody.”

So it seems as if the internet has decided. UNO is wrong. We are right.

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