Trans Woman Wants To Get Breast Implants On Her Head

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, a lot of people can get a little carried away with these enhancements.

One transgender woman has recently spoken out about wanting to get breast implants… on her head.

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Jolene Dawson, who is an Australian transgender model, appeared on E! Entertainment show Botched in search of a unique breast augmentation procedure.

She asked Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif to give her a rather strange procedure – a breast augmentation on her head.

“I definitely, 100%, without a doubt need an implant in my head,’ Jolene explained. ‘So it would be two breast implants in my head, like two boobs!”

She went on to reveal that she had already spent $200,000 on her body transformation, but there’s still plenty that she wants to have done.

Dr. Dubrow later told her, “I’m so happy that there are certain procedures that are designed to take you to the next level, such as the bone shaving, the jawline refinement… But don’t be a pioneer testing the limits of surgery that could kill you.”

It seems that Jolene has found some sense and has since decided against the bizarre surgery that doesn’t even exist... thank goodness!

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