Thousands Watched KSI And Logan Paul Fight Through YouTube Streamer’s Glasses

It turns out thousands of people watched the KSI vs Logan Paul fight completely free of charge, much to the annoyance of the service that provided the contest.

The match was streamed by the subscription sports-streaming service DAZN. Viewers had to pay $19.99 for a month’s subscription or $99.99 for a year’s subscription.

Anyone trying to stream the fight illegally on YouTube or other video platforms quickly found their footage taken down.


One YouTuber, however, had the knowhow when it came to getting past the copyright police.

The unsung hero filmed himself watching the fight while wearing glasses, which reflected his screen. Anyone watching his YouTube stream could watch the fight through the reflection. Not ideal but good enough I guess!

The stream managed to rack up 11,000 views at its peak. A YouTube spokeswoman later confirmed to Business Insider that the platform took down the stream.


KSI’s and Paul’s camps have yet to release official streaming figures or numbers on how much streaming revenue the fight pulled in. Their first bout last year fought in Manchester, brought in an estimated $11 million in revenue.

The piracy cost is likely to be high this time. If 11,000 people streamed the match via a single YouTuber’s glasses, DAZN would have lost around $220,000.

A representative for KSI said the pair had decided to stream their rematch on DAZN and not YouTube because of piracy risks.

How did you watch the fight? Are you one of the mavericks who took advantage of this streamers glasses reflections? We can’t blame you if so. DAZN might do though…

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