The John Lewis Christmas Advert Featuring Edgar the dragon Has Dropped

The John Lewis Advert has finally dropped and we’ve got ourselves a brand new story and character to enjoy in the build up to Christmas.

Teaming up with its food wing Waitrose for the festive campaign, John Lewis is looking to spread the message of “the gift of acceptance”.

Featuring a cover of REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling by Bastille’s Dan Smith. In the short film, we meet Edgar the dragon who breathes fire in excitement whenever he sees anything pertaining to Christmas.

Obviously, this causes detriment to many things and people around him in the historical village setting. The Christmas tree, for example, goes up in flames while the kids’ ice skating rink is melted away.

Downtrodden by the reality of his bad luck, Edgar hides away in his house. It’s not until a little girl who befriends him concocts a great idea for a gift for him.

Edgar later takes his present to Christmas dinner with his neighbours who don’t exactly hold him in high regard. Thinking he’s going to breath fire all over the food, Edgar then gets out his gift – a Christmas pudding – and uses his fire to set it alight, to the wonderment of everyone at the table.

Rejoicing, the neighbours let Edgar back in on good terms. Isn’t that sweet? Nothing too cheesy or OTT. The perfect tone for what we look for in a John Lewis advert.

It’s a long way from last year’s effort The Boy and the Piano, which told the story of Elton John, who also appeared in the advert.

Edgar will be available to buy in stores as a super soft comfy toy and slippers, along with a cute kids book about the advert.

Meanwhile, for the grown ups, Smith’s cover of Can’t Fight This Feeling is also available to stream.

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