Sylvester Stallone Has Confirmed Rocky VII Is Being Made!

It’s confirmed, Rocky Balboa is returning! It’s been confirmed that negotiations have started for Sylvester Stallone to write and star in Rocky VII.

Last year, the star announced the retirement of the character but in a recent interview he said a seventh chapter of the franchise is being developed. How exciting!

Balboa takes a young street fighter living illegally in the US under his wing in this chapter.

He explained:

“Rocky meets a young, angry person who got stuck in this country when he comes to see his sister. He takes him into his life, and unbelievable adventures begin, and they wind up south of the border. It’s very, very timely.”

The writers are hoping for Sylvester to write the script as well as star in it.

He explained:

“It’s like my brother”

“It’s the only voice that I can say what I want without being ridiculed, or being silly, or being precious or sentimental, because he is that way.

“Rocky can’t keep quiet. He just talks and talks and spills his guts. And as a writer, if you do that quite often, it looks as though you’re just lost in the world of exposition.

“But he’s actually saying something, and because of the way he speaks and his naivety and gentle quality, you listen. Rocky can say things that my other characters can never say.”

Stallone had previously said he was retiring the boxing character after Creed II in 2018.

The muscle-bound brawler made a comeback in the 2006 film Rocky Balboa. The ageing boxer was still grieving over the death of his beloved wife, Adrian.

Stallone posted an emotional video to his instagram account, saying it was time to hang up the gloves and give another star a chance.

It read:

“Yo, due to the overwhelming and loving response to this wonderful character I just want to say one last final farewell… Thank you again from the bottom of BOTH our hearts…”

That’s not the case now as he’s since changed his mind!

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