STOP EVERYTHING: ‘Friends’ Cards Against Humanity Is Here

Friends fans, breathe, there’s exciting news coming your way.

This year has been quite an exciting one for Friends fans, from the Friends New York City Pop-up to Friends Festive to Jennifer Aniston’s first Instagram post with the cast.

And now there’s one more perfect addition for fans to enjoy just in time for Christmas.


A mix of one of the best TV programs and one of the best card games- ‘Friends’ Cards Against Humanity.

Someone has created the game to test the knowledge and embarrass fans of the show. A little bit more PG than the normal version, unless you mix the two sets of cards.

It’s the perfect opportunity for any fans to show off their knowledge of the show.

The game consists of 99 grey cards and 180 white cards. Players have to piece together the most outrageous sentences that they can think of with the statements that are in their hands.


The cards are full of questions and answered the show’s most iconic sayings, phrases, and storylines.

With phrases like “what the hell did the damn duck get into now?” and “Ms. Chanandler Bong” they didn’t miss any of the favorites.

The cards are sized the same as Cards Against Humanity so the two decks can easily be played separately or combined.


The game is available to purchase from eBay for £12.98.

For any of your friends that a Friends fans, you’ve got their Christmas presents sorted. Maybe it’s not the gift to play with your family though.

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