Starbucks Cup Spotted On Table In New Game Of Thrones Episode!

Game of Thrones is very much one of the most popular programmes on TV at the moment and has been for the last few years.

With millions watching, fans were very quick to spot a Starbucks cup in a scene of the latest episode of Game of Thrones, distracting fans from what was a much quieter, talkier episode than the one prior.

The scene included Daenerys, not looking too happy with the attention lavished upon Jon Snow, a man she professed her love for just two episodes ago.

With a shift in the relationship dynamic clear, what was more obvious was the well known Starbucks logo which has long been recognisable.

There doesn’t seem to be a name on the cup but it is located near a very tired looking Daenerys.

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes at the cup in view in the rich and detailed medieval setting.

Game of Thrones is known for its incredible sets which transport viewers to a place far beyond the high streets and caffeine fixes we know and are used too.

How could the coffee cup not be seen before the programme was shown?

Fans took to twitter to share what they saw:

One fan tweeted:

‘Felt like a failure today but then I saw that dozens of production and post-production crew failed to see that a Starbucks cup was left in a Game Of Thrones shot from their third to last episode ever & now I feel better.’

Another added:

They really took two years to make six episodes and left a Starbucks cup in a scene.

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