Ryan Reynolds Sends Hugh Jackman The Best Birthday Video Ever

On Saturday, Ryan Reynolds took some time out to wish his good friend, Hugh Jackman, a happy birthday. Now, this may sound like a pretty regular occurrence for a set of best friends, right?

Well, it isn’t for these best friends.


Ever since they met in 2016, the pair have had a hilarious faux-feud over social media, which usually consists of Reynolds, a.k.a. the acrid-mouthed Deadpool, gently ribbing Jackman, a.k.a. the brooding Wolverine.

Though most of their banter happens online, the pair have made their feud known at parties, in interviews, and have even made hilarious videos together in which they mock each other’s brands, Laughing Man Coffee and Aviation Gin.


Oh, and we can’t forget the time Reynolds snuck a Hugh Jackman mask into a scene in Deadpool, can we? Long story short: These two have the best friendship, and fans are always eager to see what the pair have up their sleeves for their next pranks or trolls.

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These fucking assholes said it was a sweater party. 🎄

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And they clearly haven’t had long to wait. This last weekend marked Hugh’s fifty-first birthday… So, of course, people were very excited to see what Reynolds had in store for this special occasion.

Ryan had actually prepared a seemingly sweet “Happy Birthday” video message for his friend. But Jackman had recently trolled Reynolds during one of his live shows when, after performing one of his songs, he poked fun at his Marvel cohort, telling his audience, “Let’s see Ryan Reynolds do that.”


So Ryan decided to play on Hugh’s jibe. On his birthday, he sent him a video, in which he is donning a party hat and a rather forlorn and sombre expression.

“I was just going to wish you a happy birthday,” Ryan said in the video, “Then I saw what you said. In a word, hurtful.” He then walks slowly out of the shot, only to return and launch into a rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song.

Upon singing (quite beautifully, might I add), Reynolds goes into a NSFW tirade against Jackman, stating how he isn’t “even professionally trained”, calling him a “jackass” before flipping him off and finally storming off the camera.

This may be the best installment in our favorite feud yet. Bravo, Ryan! Oh, and happy birthday Hugh…

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