Russian Slap Champion Gets Brutally KO’d

There is an endless amount of competitive sport out there, and with the many competitions and games that are held worldwide, it’s hard to miss out on any of them.

But a national slapping championship?

Yep. That’s a sport. And its biggest champion recently got KO’d, hard.

The Russian slapping championship – Youtube

If you’ve never heard of a slapping competition before, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It involves 2 components standing across a table from one another and they simply compete to see who can give the most brutal slap.

The competitors go back and forth slapping each other until one is knocked out or gives up, with a referee on hand to call out a technical knockout.

Slapping competitor Vasily Kamotskiy currently holds the title of the World Slapping Champion, and it’s safe to say that he’s pretty good at what he does.

Vasily Kamotskiy – Youtube

But he truly met his match recently when his competitor, Vyacheslav Zezulya, knocked him clean out in an exhibition match.

The match was uploaded to YouTube show Na Bochke (On Top Of A Barrel) and it showed the rookie proving the power of his palm by knocking out Kamotskiy for the first time ever in the sport’s history.

The champion was completely knocked out – Youtube

Kamotskiy was struck so hard, he completely fell forward and hit the barrel that stood between the pair, temporarily being knocked out.

Local media reports that the defeat marks Kamotskiy’s first-ever failure since he entered the sport by chance after being scouted at a Siberian Power Show competition.

Watch the short-lived fight for yourselves here…

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