Playing Fortnite Earns 14 Year Old Boy $200,000!

It’s true, a 14 year old from Long Island has confirmed he’s made $200,000 so far playing Fortnite.

The 14 year old, known as Griffin Spikoski (online name Sceptic) gained a huge online following nine months ago. He posted a video of himself taking out another well known Fortnite streamer called Tfue. The video racked up 7.5 million views.

Spikoski’s channel has amassed a huge 1 million subscribers and videos that add up too hundreds of thousands of views in only a few days. Griffin also has a Twitch channel where he streams the popular battle royale.

WABC-TV reported that he can spend up to eight hours a day playing Fortnite, in between this, taking online high school courses. He plays up to 18 hours a day on the weekends, but he does realise and admit that may be too much.

Griffin has confirmed to WABC-TV that it’s definitely his job, so it’s more of a shift than just playing the game.

The majority of Spikoski’s earnings come from YouTube ads, sponsorship deals, and donations from fans. The 14 year old even has a financial advisor and a company which his parents helped him set up so that he can make the best possible go of this dream venture.

Chris Spikoski, Griffin’s Dad, explained:

“I want parents to know that, you know, if their kids do enjoy playing games and they have a passion for it and they’re really good at it, they should treat it as any other sport.”

It’s clear that Griffin has a balanced approach to this gaming lifestyle and in addition to being an excellent Fortnite player and watchable YouTube personality he is also focused on his education.

Griffin revealed he intends to save most of the money he makes so that he can get into a good college, or maybe even get himself a house one day.

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