New Scarface Film Is Officially In The Works

A reimagining of the classic ’80s cocaine fuelled gangter flick Scarface is in the works, with a script written by legendary sibling duo the Coen Brothers now being helmed by ‘Call Me By Your Name’ director Luca Guadagnino.

The new reboot of the ultraviolent Brian DePalma classic, which saw Al Pacino’s Tony Montana completely lose the f**king plot in a haze of cocaine, chainsaws, money and bazookas will take place in LA rather than Miami, but will still likely retain much of the blood soaked, gak fuelled anarchy that propelled DePalma’s 1983 thriller to superstardom.

So far, no cast has been attached to the film, although the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver and Tom Hardy have been linked with the lead role.

Naturally, as is always the case when a beloved film is rebooted, there has been a healthy amount of negative feedback to the news on social media. Who would have guessed, eh?


However, for all the furore online regarding the reboot, it’s worth noting that DePalma’s version is actually a remake itself, with the original Scarface being released in 1932, directed by Howard Hawks and starring Paul Muni as Tony Camonte, a precursor to Pacino’s Tony Montana.

With a lot of firepower behind the reboot already, let’s give it a chance before burying it.

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