Netflix’s Newly Released Horror ‘The Perfection’ Has Left Viewers Feeling Physically SICK!

Netflix never disappoints us with a good horror. Theres always some kind of report of one of their horror’s making people either feel funny, sick, unable to sleep…

The latest horror movie The Perfection is scaring lot’s of people, with viewers calling it ‘sick’, ‘twisted’ and ‘disturbing’.

Some have even said it left them wanting to throw up. Sounds right to me!

The movie stars Allison Williams (seen in Get Out) as Charlotte and Logan Browning (from Netflix series Dear White People) as Lizzie, two talented cellists who attended the same prestigious music school.

The two women hit it off but it’s then things start to go a little funny, things start to happen like throwing up maggots, dismembered limbs and bugs under the skin.

Viewers were left feeling ‘physically sick’ with ‘migraines’ and ‘wanting to be sick’ after watching.

Taking to Twitter one viewer said:

“Have y’all watched The Perfection on Netflix? Because I’m sick to my stomach.”

Another wrote:

“Just watched The Perfection on Netflix and felt sick pretty much the whole way through. Gory and disgusting.”

Another added:

“I got a migraine just by watching The Perfection on Netflix. I wanna vomit.”

One guy loved it, posting:

“Just finished Netflix’s The Perfection and holy fuck. The movie was absolutely incredible. Was definitely sick, twisted and had me cringe at a couple of scenes. We NEED more movies like this.”

Another lover of gore added:

“The Perfection was a wholly fucked up movie, and I mean that in a good way. I screamed, my skin crawled, and I didn’t expect any of that. The cinematography was phenomenal. The directions it took blew my mind.”

The film was described by one person as ‘Black Swan meets Get Out meets The Human Centipede’.

Netflix describes it as a ‘twisty horror-thriller’.

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