Netflix Is Completely Down For People All Over The World

There’s nothing better than settling down after a hard day and committing to a long evening of binge-watching. And when you do, there’s one streaming service which is pretty much everyone’s go-to – Netflix. Sure, we complain about its content sometimes – but like an old friend, it’s always there when you need it most.

But as of today, people are finding their loyal friend has turned unreliable, as viewers are experiencing trouble streaming the service across a range of platforms. Even more frightening? The problem seems to be popping up all over the world.

Customers quickly logged on to report the issues they were having, with many claiming the service “won’t let them watch anything.” It all started at around five am, with problems continually being reported since.

Credit: Down Detector

The problems were mainly faced by those in more easterly timezones, with the majority of complaints coming from Malaysia, China, and all around Europe. But some early risers in the USA also noticed issues with the service loading, and found themselves unable to stream any Netflix faves.

Credit: Down Detector

Netflix has quickly been made aware of these issues, thansk to the magic of online website reporting service Down Detector. And though they claim to be “working to resolve the problem,” it appears many users are still experiencing issues. As for what’s caused the mass problems? Well, that’s still unknown.

Update: Netlfix has now confirmed the outage has been resolved.

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