Netflix Horror Has Fans Screaming And ‘Too Scared To Sleep With Lights Off’

When it comes to horror movies, Netflix seems to always surpass expectations. The streaming giant truly knows how to please the horror fans amongst us, and in the lead up to Halloween, the platform’s spooky offerings are everything we could ever want.

But there’s one movie that seems to have got horror fanatics talking – the aptly named ‘Eerie,’ which is apparently so, well, eerie, that its been leaving viewers too scared to turn the lights off.

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The Filipino horror flick, directed by Mikhail Red, landed on the streaming platform in August and is set in an all-girls Catholic school – which means, yep, there are a lot of creepy nuns.

‘Eerie’ centers on the unexpected and gruesome death of a student at the school named Erika, who has died from an apparent suicide.

Students at the school begin to report that Erika’s ghost is haunting the halls, prompting the school’s clairvoyant counselor, Patricia, to attempt to investigate what happened to her.

Credit: imdb

But, in doing so, Patricia opens a horrifying can of worms, uncovering the truth behind the school’s abusive past and its strict head, Mother Alice.

According to the film’s imdb, there is something even more terrifying in-store as “Pat uncovers the secret of the school and the horrifying monster that it nurtured for the past century.”

The movie has proved pretty unsettling for viewers, many of whom have taken to social media to share their views on the flick, with the general consensus being that it was absolutely petrifying.

Credit: imdb

“Watching EERIE on Netflix.. I have screamed 3 times in 20minutes and there’s still 1hr and 20mins left,” wrote one viewer.

A second added:  “Just watched Eerie on Netflix and umm where’s my nightlight?? Scary af.”

“Watching #Eerie on Netflix. Definitely not going to be able to sleep after watching it. 😱 #scary,” wrote a third user.

It seems to have even gone down well with the most dedicated of horror fanatics out there.

“Just watched ‘Eerie’ on Netflix alone and HFS… I’ve watched a lot of horror movies and my standards are set really high but this shook the fuck outta me. Amazing film. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen,” wrote one horror fan.

Check out the trailer below… if you dare:

‘Eerie’ is available to stream on Netflix now.

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