Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘You’ Season 2

Santa must have arrived a little early this year, folks, because the trailer for the second season of You has officially been released… And it looks like things are going to get even creepier.

Earlier this year, You made it’s debut on our screens, and the world was instantly obsessed. The series followed the story of the obsessive, yet oddly charming, Joe Goldberg, as he pursued the woman he had fallen madly in love with, Bec.


Fast forward a couple of intense episodes, and we had watched in horror as Joe slowly murdered everyone who stood in the way of his and Bec’s romantic love story… Her friends and ex-boyfriends, to be precise.

The series was wrapped with a rather dramatic finale, in which he murders Bec after she comes to see him for the monster he really is.

And, quite understandably, fans were left craving more after Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Candice made an unexpected appearance in the final minutes of the episode… Talk about a cliffhanger.


So it was much to everyone’s delight when Netflix announced last month that the second season would be released on December 26th… What a festive treat!

And now, the first trailer has officially dropped, and it looks amazing.

The trailer opens with Joe strolling through a coffee shop, and it isn’t long before his familiar, yet creepy voice narrative begins analyzing all the women in the room.


He takes his time to judge each individual woman and eyes them all up, clearly on the hunt for his next victim.

But things get seriously seedy when he reaches the counter. The unsuspecting barista asks for his name and, rather than introducing himself as the Joe we all know and hate, he throws a creepy smirk her way and simply says, “Yeah, I’m Will.”

It’s enough to make us all shudder and cringe in our seats… But murderous, psychotic Joe is back, and we couldn’t be happier!

You can watch the trailer above… Because how else will you get into the festive spirit?

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