Netflix Confirms Release Date For Final Season Of ‘Power’

Are you ready?

Of course, you are… What we were not ready for was that shocking last episode and then the unanticipated series break.

Since the end of August, we have been waiting in earnest for answers.

Splitting the final season in two was sure a mean trick to play on us, innocent viewers.

We just need to find out what happened to Ghost.

Twitter/ @se7enpoints

What happened to Ghost has got to be the biggest Whodunnit since someone shot Mr. Burns in 1995.

Fans of Power have been seeking out 50 Cent in the hope that the US rapper, who stars and is the executive producer of the show, will give them the spoilers.

Funnily enough, as of yet, 50 Cent, otherwise known as Curtis Jackson has not conceded to spill the show’s secrets to the Twitter users that have badgered him.

Even if 50 Cent is keeping his lips sealed about what happened… (My theory is that the whole thing was a hallucination and Ghost is still very much alive.) We will learn the truth once and for all in January.


Netflix intends to drop the final five episodes weekly, which means sadly for anyone that was hoping to gobble up the last episodes in one go, you will again, need to remain patient.

The first show will air in the US on Sunday, January 5th. The show will air in the UK the following day, on Monday, January 6th.

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