Lily Allen And Stranger Things’ David Harbour Confirm They’re A Couple

Sorry ladies (and Gents), but Hopper is officially off the market.

Okay, maybe not the fictional character from Stranger Things, because I’m pretty sure he died at the end of the third season. Sorry, did I mention that there may be Stranger Things spoilers? Oops.


Anyway, I’m talking about the guy who plays Hopper in the series, David Harbour.

Since his rise to fame as the moody, yet loveable Chief Hopper in the award-winning Netflix show, Harbour has become somewhat of a heartthrob.
In the last season of the show, we watched as Hopper rose to the role of Eleven’s adoptive father, and we fell more in love with him as he struggled with the conflicts between his “hard-man” image and his much softer, more vulnerable side.


But you can all stop swooning because he is officially off the market. Sorry to break it to you all.

Over the summer, speculations a relationship between Harbour and the British pop-star, Lily Allen, were rife. The stars were first seen together in Lily’s hometown of London in August when they climbed into a black cab after attending a theatre show.


The pair were then spotted attending a gig together and were seen together in public on a number of different occasions. Something was definitely going on, but there was no whisper of any official confirmation from either of the stars.

Until now. The pair have now put all rumours to bed and have confirmed that they are in fact dating. And they couldn’t be happier!


Lily, who divorced from her husband just last year, set their romance in stone by flying out to New York at the end of last week to watch her man host Saturday Night Live. 

Following his presenting stint, the couple strolled around the city hand in hand, where they were spotted cuddling and kissing without a care in the world.

And, in true Lily Allen fashion, the pop star really cranked up the heat on her Instagram Stories when she posted snaps of Harbour pretending to be a SoulCycle instructor in his SNL sketch, writing alongside it: “Mine” as she zoomed in on his biceps.

The couple seem to to be taking their relationship seriously, with Harbour reportedly bringing along his Dad to a party over the weekend to meet his new partner.

An unlikely couple, but they seem to be madly in love, and look happier than ever. Though I’m trying to not be too jealous of you, Lily…

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