Kylie Jenner Spotted Wearing An ENGAGEMENT Ring!

It’s never too quiet for the Kardashian/Jenner family, there is always something popping up whether it’s on their social media or in the press!

This is definitely something that caught ours and a lot of peoples attention!

The 21-year-old reality star and entrepreneur took to social media, obviously, to share to her millions of followers that she wasn’t feeling great, with a cute puppy ears and nose filter, as you do.

Instead of most people being concerned for her well being, followers were quick to dismiss her illness, and instead noticed the giant rock on her ring finger!

Kylie and Travis Scott, her partner, are not usuallt the type to share all on their platforms when it comes to family life. It’s been known that for a while they have referred to each other as ‘wifey’ and ‘husband’, but are yet to officially tie the knot!

We all know Kylie loves jewellery, and definitely has a lot of it.

In the instagram snap, she’s not dressed up like her usual self, but makes up for it with a massive rock around her finger.

She could be trolling again, but the video – accompanied by other recent Instagram posts – seem like she’s dropping some major hints the pair are engaged.

Recently, the couple celebrated Travis’ birthday, with Kylie calling him:

‘my real life bestie and hubby all wrapped into one.’

She also added:

‘let’s fuck around and have another baby.’

We know before she kept her first pregnancy silent for the nine months, it wouldn’t be surprising if the couple had got married and have a second kid on the way already!

Kylie has posted photos hinting at the pair’s engagement before, but this time around seems like the strongest hint yet, while some fans also speculated it could be morning sickness she’s complaining of and that she’s already pregnant.

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