Justin Bieber Faces Huge BACKLASH After Supporting Chris Brown!

It’s been revealed that pop star Justin Bieber has been slammed for a controversial Instagram post about Chris Brown.

The ‘Sorry’ singer took to social media to defend his friend Chris Brown after the huge backlash he faced after commenting on a photo of Rihanna calling her a ‘queen’. People weren’t too happy.

Bieber made it very clear to his 111 million followers that they will regret ‘overlooking’ Brown’s talent because of ‘a mistake’ he made.

Bieber said people need to ‘reevaluate’ their judgement of the singer.

The popstar posted two photos of Michael Jackson and Tupac side by side with a ‘+’ symbol between the two.

The final equation:

‘Michael Jackson + Tupac = Chris Brown’.

The ‘Love Yourself’ singer wrote:

‘everyone wants to wait til people die To give them the credit they deserve. I’m calling it now when CB passes away after a long full life, you will miss what you had in front of you the whole time… trust me watch you will see. the people who have over looked this mans talent because of a mistake he made.. you need to reevaluate! Love you @chrisbrownofficial’

It didn’t take long for fans to point out that the ‘mistake’ Bieber refers too is a reference to Brown’s assault against Rihanna back in 2009.

Brown was arrested and charged with felony assault and making criminal threats in 2009. He later pleaded guilty to a felony and accepted a plea deal, which included five years probation and domestic violence counseling.

Bieber faced huge backlash for his ‘disgusting’ post, slamming him for referring to domestic violence as a ‘mistake’.

Even fans who have supported the singer for 10 years said they were unfollowing him for his words which made one person ‘sick to my stomach’.

Bieber’s post came shortly after Brown commented on a picture of Rihanna modelling her upcoming Savage X Fenty releases, calling her a ‘queen’ and asking her to release new music.

The 29-year-old wrote:


Fans of Rihanna were quick to question Brown’s motives, asking why he was even on the singer’s page and questioning whether he remembers what he ‘did to her back in 2009’.

Bieber is yet to respond to the criticism, although Brown did comment on his post thanking him for believing in him.

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