Jason Momoa’s Surprise Appearance On ‘SNL’ Was Incredible

Who would have thought putting Jason Momoa and Chance The Rapper in a room together would create such hilarity?

Well, the producers and writers over at at long-running comedy staple Saturday Night Live, that’s who.

Over the weekend Game of Thrones legend Momoa and popular hip-hop star Chance were paired-up for a quintessential skit.

Saturday Night Live/NBC

Starring alongside SNL cast favourite Kate McKinnon, the sketch saw Chance playing Judge Barry, a TV judge who sentences people on trial based off first impression alone.

McKinnon, dressed as an old lady, accused Momoa’s Apollo Benz of stealing from her.

Almost breaking character, Chance struggled to fight back the laughter as Momoa shook his hair and strutted around the courtroom.

When he was supposed to say “I’m also a certified paralegal,” Momoa accidentally said, “I’m a certified paraplegic.”

You can watch the clip here:

The Aquaman star went on to say McKinnon’s character had stolen from him first; she stole his heart. When she told the judge she wanted her heirloom chandelier earrings back, Momoa opened up his cheetah-print coat to reveal his the piercings were attached to his nipples.

Momoa later took to Instagram to share a backstage image of him at the show.

He wrote: “As good as it gets for me. The greatest show on earth. I will always be a fan. Love to the amazing crew and cast. I’m so grateful.”

Humble and funny!

The actor recently opened up about the success of Aquaman, as well as plans for a sequel, telling Entertainment Tonight: “I’m really stoked at the fanbase and what we did with the movie and [I] just went into Warner Bros in D.C. and said, ‘You know, I have some ideas’. And they love them and [director] James [Wan] and everyone is like, ‘We’re all taking it in. We’re excited to do another one.’”

He added: “I’m very passionate about that, the direction of where Aquaman goes.  And so I went in with an idea and a pretty good layout of what I would like to do with the second one.

“And a lot of support, absolute [sic], a lot of support from Warner Bros. and DC. So, it’ll always be a team vision, but I definitely wanted to express my passion about number two.”

With all the success of pretty much every single superhero adaptation since 2008’s Iron Man, it’s safe to say this sequel might do moderately well…

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