Jason Momoa Cuddles Kitten For New Magazine Cover

Honestly, who doesn’t love Jason Momoa? The actor has really taken over Hollywood in the past ten years, and we’re totally here for it. From Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo to the MCU’s Aquaman, there seems to be no role the star can’t play. But there’s another reason the internet is so obsessed with him – his adorably goofy personality, which is wonderfully at odds with his intimidating appearance.

And now his personality has hit the headlines – quite literally. Momoa has been included in a cover shoot and interview for Esquire and he’s basically broken the internet. And once you see the pictures, you’ll definitely understand why.

Credit: Esquire

Momoa’s interview really showcases his goofball status in the interview, from laughing at dog poop to giving the immortal quote, “I married Lisa Bonet. Everything is f**king possible!”

“He’s not the scary Dothraki king from Game of Thrones who ripped out a man’s tongue with his bare hands. He’s just a dude who takes bubble baths and razzes his friends and snuggles random dogs,” offers interviewer Rachel Syme.

Credit: Esquire

In his interview, Momoa is promoting his latest role in Apple TV exclusive See. In the post-apocalyptic thriller, he plays Baba Voss, the leader of one of the last surviving human tribes on earth. The character is blind, and Momoa really worked hard to get that facet of the character right.

“He worked closely with Associate Producer and blindness coordinator, Joe Strechay to make sure not only that he was respectful of the visually impaired but also that every move was an accurate reflection of them.”

It’s just amazing how everything else just opens up your body,” he says.

Credit: Esquire

And that’s not all. Momoa also opens up about his notoriously private relationship with actress Lisa Bonet – a woman on whom he’d actually had a childhood crush. “I mean, I didn’t tell her that. I didn’t let her know I was a stalker until after we had the kids,” he laughs.

But let’s face it – none of this is the reason the interview has gained quite so much online attention. The real reason no-one can stop talking about the interview is the (undeniably incredible) photoshoot.

Credit: Esquire

And the best of the bunch? Well, it would have to be the ones where he cuddles with a kitten. We never thought we’d be quite so jealous of a feline …

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