J.K Rowling Sends Fans Crazy Teasing Brand New Harry Potter Sequel

Good news potter fans! JK Rowling has dropped a HUGE hint suggesting that there is a lot more in store for boy wizard!

JK has said before that Harry’s story is well and truly finished and there’s no more to come, there’s even a two-part play The Cursed Child which is the last goodbye to her beloved characters.

Amazingly, though, JK has taken to twitter, leaning towards there being some kind of update on The Cursed Child.

JK tweeted:

“Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places #HarryPotter #CursedChild”

As you can imagine, her fan base couldn’t believe what they were reading especially after her twitter break with one person saying:


Another added:

‘Oh my god. If this means what I think it means… You gave us a true gift in Cursed Child and no one can take that away. The play will always be the thing.’

Of course, many believed this meant that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is possibly being made into a film… sadly, this theory has been shot down by Broadway representatives.

They explained:

“I can confirm that these rumors are absolutely NOT TRUE,

The show has not changed ownership. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child continues to be produced by Sonia Friedman, Colin Callender and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions in London, Broadway and all around the world.

Warner Bros. has always been a valued partner of Cursed Child since its inception. Their role has not changed.”

This has been backed by the official Twitter account for Pottermore explaining although it isn’t true, there are is ‘something exciting’ on the cards:

“There is something exciting coming later on from @CursedChildNYC, but it’s not a movie…”

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