It Chapter Two Scores Second-Highest Opening Weekend For Horror Movie

This scary sequel is making people have nightmares everywhere at the moment…reigniting your fear of clowns and making fun fare’s seem like the last place you’d want to visit at the moment.

Stephen King fans have been eagerly waiting to see the highly anticipated horror sequel in modern cinematic history..

It Chapter 2’s box office weekend figures have floated high above it’s above competitors.

The spooky sequel has amassed a huge $91 million from US audiences over the course of its box office weekend. Which puts it a whopping $85 million ahead of second place film, Angel Has Fallen. WOW!

It Chapter 2 raked in $94 million across 75 markets globally basking making it the biggest horror opening of all time in 16 markets.

Places include Russia, Norway, Finland, Argentina and the Netherlands.

The movie has made $185 million opening worldwide, securing it as the second-highest opening weekend for a horror movie ever recorded.

It Chapter 2 has had the second biggest September opening weekend.

It Chapter Two picks up 27 years after everyone’s first encounter with the nightmare Pennywise. It draws from the second part of the 1986 novel.

Now that the group is grown up and living their own lives, the film takes on a different dynamic… keeping the same kind of evil lurking beneath the Kingsian small town.

The film is currently sitting at 64 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes compared with It’s 86 per cent previously.

People have praised the films near-perfect casting choices for the grown up characters and is guaranteed to make you jump.

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