IG Star Kristen Hanby Launches Prank App On April Fools Day!

We all love a prank right? Well, Kristen Hanby has made it easier for us all to prank our loved ones.. and the people we find a little annoying too?

Kristen has built a cult following of up to 11 Million fans across his social media platforms from pranking his whole family, usually his adorable nan!

Hanby’s hilarious video’s are loved by millions and his pranks are endless! We guarantee you’ve seen at least one of his videos!

Kristen, alongside technology expert David Connor launched PR4NK under their development company PRANK TECHNOLOGY on April 1st 2019.

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Being caught up with PR4NKs Co Founder David Connor for an exclusive interview about how the two got working together and how the idea of PR4NK and the company came to life!

David stated:

“When the opportunity arose to work with Kristen, i knew we had the chance to create something incredible”

“Alongside my team, we were able to create an interactive, fun, application that has taken us 9 months to bring to life – If you would have seen this app in the first months of development you’d have laughed at us… and not in a good way!”

“Kristen is the best to work with, his enthusiasm is infectious and alongside our CTO Peter Tully we have created an application that I can guarantee will be loved by millions.”

Pictured is Kristen Hanby, Peter Tully, David Connor and Jake Moore.

Download yours today it’s now live on the APP and Android stores!


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