Ian Somerhalder’s New Netflix Thriller Is Crazier Than ‘Vampire Diaries’

To fans of The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder will always be Damon. And since the show ended in 2017, there has been a campy, spooky, teen-drama shaped hole in our hearts. But now fans of the show can rejoice, as Somerhalder’s new show is being lauded as even better.

New sci-fi drama V Wars is set to premiere on Netflix on December 5th – and critics are already comparing it to Somerhalder’s most famous vehicle.

Based on the comics of the same name by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson, V Wars stars Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swann. Swann is investigating a new virus that infects the blood of humans and turns them into a range of characters straight out of a horror movie. Basically, they’re sci-fi vampires.

Credit: IMDB

Swann believes there’s a cure for this terrifying virus – though he faces opposition from the medical community, who believe it’d be far easier to wipe out those infected.

Credit: Netflix

Adrian Holmes stars alongside Somerhalder as Swann’s best friend (and infection victim) Michael. The series pits the two against each other in something of a blood war (sorry, sorry). With much to be lost on either side, it’s clear the show will have a lot of tension, a lot of violence, and (thank God) a lot of vampires, too.

Will V Wars live up to the hype of the iconic Vampire Diaries? Only time will tell – but either way, we’ll be tuning in!

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