‘Friends’ Fans Think They’ve Spotted Drugs In Reunion Picture

I bet Jennifer Aniston is regretting joining Instagram right about now.

I mean, heck she’s on the social platform for five minutes before fans start pointing out a suspicious-looking substance in her first post.

Twitter/ bro_nt_e

As much as everyone is clearly overjoyed that social media phobic Jen has succumbed to the pull of Instagram and that the cast is all hanging out together, something made everyone take a second look at this particular reunion.

Hey look everyone; the gang is back together! There’s Monica, Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler and… wait, hang on… what’s that on the cell phone?

Instagram/ Jennifer Aniston

What could very well be a smudge of cream from a celebratory cake made by one of Courtney Cox’s very capable caterers has got the internet into a bit of a frenzy.

I mean not everyone thinks the substance on the phone is suspicious. I guess it could be anything. Heck, it may well be the ghost of Ross’s bitter ex-wife Emily from season 4.

Or you know… it could just be a refraction of light?

I bet Courtney Cox has got some killer chandeliers in her dining room. She seems like the kind of classy lady that could pull that off.

Twitter/ david8hughes

The unlikelihood that it is in fact drugs on Matthew Perry’s screen still hasn’t stopped fans coming up with stellar jokes at the cast’s expense.

Twitter/ sarahloaney

Well, I mean, that would make one helluva reunion episode, right?

Whatever people thought about the “mysterious substance,” the most important thing we can take from this is that Jennifer Aniston is on Instagram.

Meaning that she is closer to us all than ever before… sort of.

Twitter/ sarahlevy_

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of social media, Jen.

Instagram/ courtneycoxofficial

Courtney Cox probably wasn’t wrong… you will absolutely hate it.

Welcome to the party!

Twitter/ Moctress

If you ever wanted to befriend Jennifer Aniston, now is your chance.

Give up your day job, forget about feeding your pets. It’s now or never to get Jen to notice you through the miraculous medium of commenting a million times under her Insta pics.

She’s bound to see one of them, right?

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