Emerging SFX makeup artist Rida Aurangzaib

When we think of the Pakistan makeup industry, SFX makeup artistry is not taking the spotlight. The Pakistani media industry is flourishing and improvising day by day. You can see more of the special effects makeup in this industry. Special effects makeup is needed not only in movies but in fashion photoshoots as well. There are only a few SFX makeup artists in Pakistan,and Rida Aurangzaib is one of them. You don’t see much SFX makeup artistry in Pakistan, and Rida Aurangzaib is one of the most popular ones in Pakistan

What is SFX makeup artistry

SFX makeup artistry is much more than drawing a couple of bruises and throwing fake blood on yourself. SFX is often confused with prosthetics makeup as well. SFX makeup is for you to create different faces on a person with the help of prosthetics available. You can make someone look younger or old with this type of makeup as well. Whereas prosthetics makeup is creating additional things with prosthetics that can be worn. You can create a whole new identical person with prosthetics makeup. 

It is because of this makeup that you see different alien faces in Hollywood movies. SFX makeup, on the other hand, is all about creating the illusion. In SFX makeup, you can create an illusion by drawing on a person. Usually, the SFX makeup artists can doprosthetics makeup. The products used to create wounds and scars are almost the same used in prosthetics makeup. Withsmall changes to facial features with SFX makeup, you can also create a whole new identity of a person. 

Rida Aurangzaib

Unlike many self-taught SFX makeup artists that you can find online on social media, Rida Aurangzaib is nothing like them. Being a self-taught SFX makeup artist Is good for the socials because to work on a professional level, you have to learn it through an institute; this is what Rida Aurangzaib did, ever since she discovered her interest in the SFX makeup artistry.

She is very motivated towards learning more of it; without trying, you can make few wounds, and that is it, and SFX makeup is much more than that. She studied SFX makeupartistry from Dubai and learned how to do it professionally. According to her, she can create the identical face of a personwith prosthetics as well. So, from this, we can comprehend thathe has an immense amount of talent and knowledge. 

Popular works by Rida Aurangzaib

Rida Aurangzaib is a fully emerged SFX makeup artist of Pakistan; she has worked with various YouTubers andinfluencers of Pakistan and helped with the photoshoots. From there, she started gaining the interest of fashion companies in Pakistan. Ever since getting her diploma, she has been getting deals. She offers different fashion brands and artists to help them with their shoots. She has worked for some prestigious photographers and stylists to create amazing SFX makeup looks on people. 

Her most iconic work so far is the neon makeup look for Cosmos. The work in question is shown in the picture below. In this look, all the makeup was created by using neon colors, and the final product looked amazing, as you can see. She did this amazing work in collaboration with Hira Ali studios and MunibNawaz.

Another one of her famous SFX makeup art is The Lost ArtMuseum. This work was created in collaboration with other artists like Rana Noman, Asad bin Javed, and Shakeeb Saeed. According to Rida Aurangzaib. This work took more than 4 hours. Each one of the paintings was painted on the face of a white body painted model. This work is the true representation of art.

Other work by Rida Aurangzaib

Rida Aurangzaib has worked with many celebrities and created one of the most iconic looks apart from SFX makeup. She did Momina Mustehsan’s makeup for the video of her new song Baari 2. This song, along with Momina Mustehsan’s makeup, is the most iconic ones. Another one of her most popular works is her makeup on legendary film actress of Pakistan. This makeuplook was done when Deeba was given the pride of performance award by the government of Pakistan for her services to the Pakistani media industry. 

She has worked with many other brands for their campaigns and on a few ISPR projects. Some of the most popular brands areCoke Studio, Pepsi, Lawrencepur, Tecno mobile, Charcoal, Qalamkar, Bayan and many others. She has also styled MunibNawaz’s models for the bridal couture week, one of Pakistan’s big fashion events.

Future plans of Rida Aurangzaib

Rida Aurangzaib also started her own YouTube channel and has worked with many YouTube personalities like Shahveer Jeffery. She started her own YouTube career during the COVID 19 pandemic. In that time, she also created many different SFX makeup looks and posted them on her Instagram page. The purpose of starting YouTube was to create awareness about SFX makeup and how it is done. 

She is also willing to teach people about SFX makeup and encourage young and new artists to learn SFX makeup so that the makeup industry of Pakistan can flourish more. The Pakistani makeup industry is mostly about bridal makeup. Special effects makeup needs promotion in Pakistan so the quality of content can be improved. 

Even though CGI has taken over special effects makeup, if you want to make things look more realistic, such makeup isrequired. Rida Aurangzaib expects to see flourishment in this industry and will have much more competition. 

Ria Aurangzaib is the true example of making a career out of something you love. Instead of doing what everyone is doing,you should learn to pave your path, and if you are interested in a unique form of art, a lot can be done, and you can make a career out of it. You should keep learning new things if you haven’t found your purpose yet, and one day, you too will be one of very few artists with unconventional art that will pique everyone’s interest.

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