Ellen DeGeneres’ Roasted After Changing Haircut For First Time In Years

It’s been a pretty awful year for most of us, but it’s been an exceptionally bad one for Ellen DeGeneres.

I mean sure, she’s a multi-millionaire with a beautiful house presumably in the Hollywood hills – but her reputation has disintegrated over the past few months following accusation upon accusation against her.

Let’s refresh our memory shall we.

Image Credit: EllenTube

Allegations of racism and intimidation on her talk show set emerged earlier this summer, while her former security guard called her ‘demeaning’ to work for.

Other people online have been sharing horrific rumors about her, and in a recent BuzzFeed News article, several former staffers accused Ellen’s producers of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace.

While The Ellen DeGeneres Show is back on air, now Ellen is being roasted for another reason – changing her hair style for the first time in years.

It’s a drastic change – take a look below.

Image Credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

And people have been rinsing her.

Well then.

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