Ed Sheeran’s Security Guard Has An Instagram With 986K Followers, And It’s Better Than His Boss’s

Ed Sheeran is on a mission to make his security guard Insta-famous and they’re doing a pretty good job. The singer said he won’t rest until the man who has his back, Kevin Myers reaches 1 million followers. And he’s just 14K shy! However, judging by his feed, it’s clear that people are subscribing to his content not just because Ed told them too. With his funny photos and witty captions, Kevin is on top of the Instagram game.

1 – When his legs don’t work like they use to before:

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When his legs don’t work like they use to before. #lazyc*** #thatsongmadeusrich #werich #imthedaddy

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2 – Bae made me an anniversary meal

3 – Bae trying to join the mile high club

4 – Bae giving me my tea, I’m too rich to use my hands now 

5 – Me and bae enjoy the occasional stroll in the country

6 – All you need in life. Mansions & Mercedes. And of course, my Man crush Monday

7 – Getting in my 5 a day 

8 – Me and bae fooling around 

9 – Bought this plate to eat my kebabs off of

10 – Me and bae went to NASA today

11 – Had an eventful Valentine’s Day with bae

12 – When the sunshine’s, wel shine together, swear that il be here forever, that il always be a friend, took an oath, ima stick it out til the end 

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