Disturbing Ending To ‘Eli’ On Netflix Has Been Explained


Now before I start picking apart the plot and controversial ending to Netflix horror movie Eli, let me just say… in doing so there will be spoilers.

So if you are yet to watch the movie and do not want to watch it having everything explained to you then you probably have stopped reading already.

If like most people, you found yourself thinking, “what the hell was that ending,” keep reading and everything will become illuminated.

As controversial as the ending of Eli was, a lot of audience members found the plot confusing from the very beginning. So let’s start by unpacking some of that…

Did Eli have a condition?

When we were first introduced to bubble boy, Eli it seemed as though the kid suffered from some sort of auto-immune disease.


His concerned parents went to great lengths to keep their boy from coming into contact with basically anything. From his plastic bubble to the spacesuit… it seemed as though poor Eli was in constant danger of getting sick.

But was he sick or was it lies?

This was the question that kept audiences guessing throughout the movie.

The easter egg billboard that read “Proverb 19:9 the false witness will not go unpunished…and he who tells lies shall perish.”

Along with fact that Eli’s name spelled out “Lie..”

And how “Lie” was carved into the wooden closest meant we were perpetually teased with the notion that lies were about.

Who could we trust?


Well, certainly not the nurse/ nuns that carried out the “experimental treatment” on young Eli, or his parents for that matter… who went along with the whole cruel surgery stuff. Or Eli himself for that matter- because of course, lying was in his name.

So how come no one expected the ending?

Maybe because they hadn’t hinted towards it at all throughout the movie?

So at the end of Eli, we’re supposed to accept that the kid is Lucifer’s son and that his mom slept with the Devil.

I mean, I guess that explained why Eli’s dad had been so up for getting him exorcised and why he’d named code for “lie” but other than that it was a bit of a random ending.

The only hint they’d given to Eli being the anti-christ was right at the beginning when he wished he could beat up those rednecks.

But if that signifies demonic qualities then maybe we’re all spawned from satan.

The thing about horror movies is they’re supposed to shock you. So to explain what the hell (pun intended) happened at the end of Eli, the truth is its makers wanted to shock the audience.

A feat they clearly achieved… for better or for worse.

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