Disney Is Now Selling Official Baby Yoda Merch

Since the release of the Star Wars spin-off series, The Mandalorian, the internet has completely fallen, head over heels, in love with the baby version of Yoda, The Child… Or Baby Yoda, as people have suitably nicknamed him.

The O.G Yoda died in Return of the Jedi aged 900-years-old, but his infant, fifty-year-old self has returned to our screens in Disney’s latest adaptation of the franchise… And people just can’t get enough of him.


Baby Yoda has won over the hearts of Star Wars fans far and wide and, as a result, has become an instant internet sensation. The miniature version of the iconic Star Wars character has received the viral treatment and, as most of these things do, was swiftly turned into 2019’s most current meme.

And, as well as making endless memes of the cuddly little Yoda, fans have been calling on Disney to release some much-needed Baby Yoda merchandise.

And, never ones to miss out on cashing in on a trend, Disney have obliged by releasing a whole range of Baby Yoda inspired merchandise.


Available now to buy on their website, Disney have truly pulled out all the stops to please their Star Wars fan base.

There’s the adorable plush cuddly toy, a range of Baby Yoda emblazoned T-shirts, Baby Yoda sippy cups and, if you fancy dressing your own child as The Child, there’s a range of children’s clothing too.

Baby Yoda is currently taking the world by storm, so you’d better be quick to get your hands on the merchandise… Which you can buy here.

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