‘Die Hard’ Officially Confirmed As A Christmas Movie

I mean, you always knew it was a Christmas movie, right?

Well, personally I’d put it under the niche subcategory of Christmas, Action-Thriller. The only other Christmas movie I can think of with as much of a chase was that one where Arnold Schwarzenegger is running around the shops tryna get that darn action-toy for his son.

I mean, okay <em>Die Hard</em>(1988) might have had the evil villain played by Alan Rickman that was intent on making Bruce Willis’ life a living hell…

But Schwarzenegger’s <em>Jingle All the Way</em>(1996) had seriously busy shopping malls, congested elevators, and hysterical shop workers.

I know which Christmas, Action film I’d rather be in…

The debate as to whether <em>Die Hard</em> is a Christmas movie has divided people since it came out. Even though it is set on Christmas Eve, people (including Bruce Willis…) have claimed it is not a Christmas movie.

Last Christmas Eve the debate was brought up again, with the NYPD and LAPD calling a truce on their supposed rivalry to agree about <em>Die Hard.</em>

LAPD was quick to respond…

But even though NYPD and LAPD confirmed that <em>Die Hard</em> was definitely a Christmas movie, the conversation weighs on.

Why can’t people accept that Bruce Willis made a Christmas movie? I mean we accepted that he made <em>Die Hard 2.</em>

Also, remember when he played Rachel’s older boyfriend in <em>Friends</em>?

He played a neat guy.


I for one will be watching Die Hard this Christmas, as I imagine many others will, given that it always seems to be on the TV this time of year…I wonder why.

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