Dewey From ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Is 28 Now And I Feel So Old

It’s safe to say that Malcolm in the Middle was the pinnacle of television for every kid in the early ’00s, with so many of us tuning in to watch the antics of Malcolm and his dysfunctional family.

The show wrapped up in 2006, meaning its cast are all grown up now, including the family’s youngest, Dewey.

The youngest of the clan would regularly get roped into the mischievous antics of his older brothers and was an all-out fan favorite from the show.

Dewey’s actor, Erik Per Sullivan, was just eight when the show first aired, and 14 when it closed is doors. Since the show wrapped up, Erik has remained relatively out of the spotlight since 2010 movie, Twelve.

Now, he appears to have retired from acting and has been living his life away from his from the public eye, so we don’t know much about what he’s up to.

But the latest picture of the star truly shows how much he’s grown up.

Credit: Instagram

Can you believe he’s 28? We feel so old right now…

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