Country Star Sam Hunt Has Been Arrested

When you think of Sam Hunt, your mind probably paints a pretty wholesome picture. After a failed high school football career, Hunt found solace in music, and has gained commercial and critical success thanks to his country-inspired sound.

But Hunt has had his controversies in the past – primarily surrounding his relationship with alcohol. The guy even has a song called “Drinkin’ Too Much,” after all! And it seems as though art reflects life, as he’s been pulled over and arrested this morning in Nashville, Tennessee, for driving under the influence.

According to reports, Hunt was driving down Ellington Parkway in Nashville early this morning when he was spotted and pulled over by authorities. Police claim he smelt of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes, with empty beer cans spotted in the vehicle. When asked for his ID, Hunt had a hard time locating it – despite in being sitting openly in his lap. Unable to locate his license, he instead handed police his credit card and passport, instead.

When questioned by police, Hunt admitted to having been “recently” drinking. After a field sobriety test, his blood alcohol was found to be double the legal limit, at 0.173%.

Hunt was taken to the Metro jail but was released shortly afterward after posting his $2,500 bond.

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