Circus Acrobat Falls 30ft To The Floor At London’s Winter Wonderland

It’s no secret that being a professional acrobat comes with its many risks, and one acrobat in London recently realized this in the hardest possible way.

A female acrobat working for the Zippo’s Christmas Circus Show in London’s Winder Wonderland fell thirty feet after “slipping from her harness.”

London’s Winter Wonderland – Facebook

The acrobat, who has been named as thirty-five-year-old Jackie Armstrong, is from Kent in the U.K, has been working as an aerialist for the majority of her adult life.

The accident happened yesterday at 6 pm, during a performance of Cirque Beserk at the popular event in London’s Hyde Park.

Jackie Armstrong – Facebook

A witness told MailOnline: ‘The lady had one foot in the loop with no actual harness and her foot slipped out and she fell to the floor diagonally.”

“Kids were on the front row and there were people screaming…. and she was yelping in agony, it was traumatic as she bounced as she hit the floor. There was an announcement after a minute or two to all leave.”

Zippo’s Christmas Circus Show – Facebook

Staffed rushed to her side and she was very quickly taken to hospital by ambulance – her condition remains unknown.

Armstrong graduated from Christchurch University in Canterbury with a degree in theatre studies before joining Zippos as an aerialist.

In 2011 she met Valter Jonas, thirty-three, a motorcycle stunt rider when he joined Zippos as part of the ‘globe of death’ act – in which motorbikes zoom around a spherical cage. The pair are now engaged and have a baby together.

We wish Mrs. Armstrong a speedy recovery.

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