‘Cash me ousside’ girl Danielle Bregoli reignites feud with Kim Kardashian in the most savage way

Danielle Bregoli goes by the stage name ‘Bhad Bhabie’, but many still her know her as the “cash me ousside” girl. If you somehow missed out on one of the most bizarre episodes of Dr. Phil and one of the more memorable memes in recent years, it all comes from this:

In the episode she was called out by her mom for acting unruly, stealing her credit card, and running away from home. As often happens in shows like this, the crowd began to jeer, which Bregoli wasn’t too happy about. That’s when she said “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” and a meme was born.

Following this, Bregoli managed to capitalise on her 15 minutes of fame, extending it far beyond what anyone expected. By now she’s making a reported $40,000 per sponsored Instagram post, and launched a career in music – where she took on the Bhad Bhabie persona. She’s even said in the past that she’s a millionaire.

Once she made her way into the spotlight, Bregoli didn’t hold back when it came to speaking her mind about other celebrities – and despite still being shy of 16 she’s already started a few feuds.

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, it seems like she’s got no love to give. Recently, Paper Magazine shared a photo of the pair of them together along with the caption “I think about this a lot”. Bregoli responded: “I don’t.”

In just two words, she shook up her fanbase, who were quick to react to the diss.

This isn’t the first time that she’s made her negative feelings about Kim K known. Back in early 2017, she was asked about the Jenners and Kardashians by TMZ, and said  “B***h, I would whop every Kardashian ass there is,” before saying that Kim is only famous because of her leaked sex tape with Ray J.

It looked like they’d made up when they took the above photo together, but it hasn’t really lasted. The photo was taken when they were reportedly dining a few tables away from each other at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge in July 2017, but what happened is up for debate.

Bregoli previously told Hollywood Life that she was eating lunch when the chance meeting occurred. “I was eating lunch,” she said. “We have a mutual friend. I walked up and said hello, took a pic together, that was it.”

Following this, sources close to Kim told TMZ that what actually happened was that Bregoli was introduced to the reality star as a “fan” along with others, and she was just being nice. This didn’t exactly go down well, with Bhad Bhabie responding with:

“Why people lying like b***h you know who I am, the f**k, I could have popped one of your titties while I was sitting next to you and I was nice and I didn’t do that sh*t.”

It’s time to break out the popcorn.

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