Caitlyn Jenner In ‘I’m A Celeb’ Scandal

There’s been a fair share of scandal and drama in the I’m a Celeb camp this year and Caitlyn Jenner has not been exempt from it.

From arguments, sneaking food to ‘rigged’ trials we have already seen a lot. And last night’s episode was no different.

All 12 of the jungle campmates are currently taking part in a challenge called ‘The Reckoning’ which last night saw four campmates with their head on the table.

Credit: ITV

Kate Garraway, Caitlyn Jenner, Andrew Maxwell, and Andy Whyment were the latest celebs to take part in a Bushtucker Trial named the ‘Bad Banquet Reckoning’.

Viewers saw them climb into boxes with just their heads on the outside. They then had bugs and critters poured all over their heads as they had to try and keep their chin on a small red button.

The celeb to move the least was the winner and if their head came off the button, a red light flashed and they were failed.

Kate Garraway did not fare well in the trial, jumping when any bugs came into contact with her but Caitlyn seemed to not move.

Despite Caitlyn staying seemingly still her light kept coming on, leaving Andy and Andrew as the winners.

Once the trial finished Caitlyn said: “I didn’t feel like I let any pressure off the button whatsoever and the button went off.”

She also told her campmates that she must have a bad chin.

And Caitlyn wasn’t the only one confused by her result as fans took to Twitter to brand the trial a fix.

One fan tweeted: “Swear Caitlyn_Jenner button was rigged or broken? She looked like she wants moving at all… #ImACeleb”

This is not the first time this series that a trial has been branded a fix.

The first live trial of the series saw campmates competing to win a roast dinner.

Ian Wright, Cliff Parisi, and Andy Whyment had to forfeit theirs after Roman Kemp and James Haskell did not complete their challenge within the 90 second time limit.

The trial sparked outrage with viewers claiming that it was ‘impossible’ and ‘fixed’.

One Twitter user wrote “I am just so angry Andy didn’t get his roast dinner. I think that was rigged on purpose and the show knew NO ONE could do the trial in the amount of time given. I just don’t like the show so much anymore. It’s getting to be more mean than entertainment. Stop!”

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