Beyonce’s Mum Shares Incredible Throwback Photo From When She Was Beyonce’s Age

Tina Knowles has shared a throwback picture on instagram which seems to prove, overwhelmingly, that Beyonce did indeed ‘get it from her momma’.

Queen Bee senior took to insta to share a snap of herself from when she was 38 – the same age her daughter is now. And the leopard print jumpsuit look seems to be a winner, with several high profile followers dropping approving reviews in the comments section, including a three love heart emoji salute from Naomi Campbell.


Tina wrote beneath the picture, “I am 38 on this photo ! Took it on my lunch break from the salon with 6 people under the dryer with wraps , And used to take a couple hours to dry, i still love leopard My Girls used to hate it! Thats why i loved Cookie Lyons so much! Yes I was Cookie Lyons before there was a Cookie Lyons. With my animal prints.”

Album cover material all the way.

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