Batman Made Appearance In ‘Joker’ And Nobody Noticed

It has only been 11 days since Joker (2019) hit the big-screen, stealing the hearts of global audiences. According to Forbes, within the first 10 days, the film already managed to break the record for the most successful October release ever. With Box Office Mojo predicting that there would be a dramatic decline in the film’s revenue, everyone just assumed it would be true. 

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Despite the popularity of the film declining like they initially said it would, the numbers didn’t fall anything close to what it was assumed they would. Instead, Joker (2019) managed to rake in a whopping 55 million dollars and claimed the top spot of any October release to ever grace our screens. 

However, due to its opening weekend in foreign markets pulling in another 152 million dollars, the film’s grossing profit total now stands at a sparkling 543.9 million dollars. And that number is set to rise as we continue through the month.

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It’s no wonder why this film has been so popular with its gripping storyline, dramatic acting and grungy scenes. There’s nothing better than being able to actually feel the rawness of a character, their acting borderline desperate, so you physically feel as if you’re watching the downfall of a man right in front of your eyes. 

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“Are we psychopaths?” That’s probably what you’re asking yourself right about now. 

The answer to that question is yes. As depicted in the film, we’re all built to crave attention, to feel as though we’re important, to stand out. Or that’s what we’ve heard the film is supposed to convey. Maybe it’s just meant to be enjoyed without any underlying meaning? 

Nah. Let’s opt for option one. It makes things more fun.

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And that’s not all we’ve heard.

Recently, fans have been left shocked after this theory started circulating online. People genuinely think Batman, Joker’s arch-nemesis made a subtle appearance in the film. 

“Where?” I hear you ask.

Well, think back to the opening scene of the film, when we first get to see Joaquin’s Arthur Fleck applying his clown make-up. Some fans believe that the lighting and the framework have been purposefully manipulated to represent Batman. The two white lights above Fleck look very similar to Batman’s glowing eyes. Then, here’s the best part, Joker’s pale face is used to represent his mouth and the surrounding area is the rest. 

Credit: Twitter @Ibi_

Can you see it? Or are fans taking things a little bit too far? Who knows? Who cares? The movie was great and that’s all that matters.

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