Audience Leaves Theatre After Man’s Disturbing Behavior During ‘Joker’ Screening

Tensions have been running high since the release of the latest Batman installment, Joker. The devastating 2012 The Dark Knight Rises shooting in Colorado has left many people wary of any “copy cat” shooters storming theatres that are showing Joker.

So, the obvious thing you don’t do is act suspiciously in the theatre, right? Well, one guy clearly missed this memo, because his disturbing and, quite frankly, disgusting behavior, triggered other viewers to flee one New York cinema in terror.


The Dark Knight Rises shooting was simply devastating.

Back in 2012, at the Colorado Aurora theatre screening of the newly-released Batman installment, a mass shooter stormed a cinema full of innocent people watching the new movie and went on to murder twelve of them, and severely injuring a further seventy.

James Holmes – YouTube

James Holmes entered the theatre on July 20th, 2012, clad in full body armor and armed with multiple guns including an assault rifle. He then began mercilessly shooting at the unsuspecting crowd.

His sickening act sparked a trend among other right-wing activists, and The Dark Knight Rises subsequently became a popular film with the alt-right because of its villain, Bane. The character has been referenced in racist attacks against Black Lives Matter and anti-Semitic attacks.


So, understandably, people have been concerned about watching Joker in the cinema in case of any “copycat” shooters. The “copycat effect” is the tendency of sensational publicity about violent murders or suicides to result in more of the same through imitation.

Yet, despite all the tension and fear, some people just can’t help but cause unnecessary fear and panic, can they?


The incident happened at a New York at the AMC Empire 25 near Times Square. The unnamed man, pictured above, began to cause unease and panic among other cinema guests when he began loudly cheering and clapping every time a character was killed on screen. He was also seen spitting at people several times.

His behavior triggered around a third of the theatre to get up and leave halfway through the movie out of the fear that the man would start hurting people.


The man was reportedly “wasted” before the movie had even begun, and one other cinema guest had witnessed him “pour a full bottle of tequila into his slushee”.

A fellow member of the audience reportedly ‘calmly confronted’ the man and managed to de-escalate the situation until security arrived.

The man was then escorted out of the venue by security.

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