‘Ace Ventura 3’ Is In The Works And We Can’t Wait

Yes, you read that correctly… the creators behind the Ace Ventura movies are apparently planning a third movie.

Rumors began circulating when the guy who always seems to be in the know with what’s going on in the movie industry, Daniel Richtman tweeted this…

But I mean, one man’s word- or rather, one man’s cryptic tweet isn’t going to have us all believing that a new movie is in the works, oh no…

What might steal our attention is if the production company behind the first two movies seemed to hint towards there being another movie in the works.

Which is exactly what happened. Morgan Creek tweeted this:


…and we all lost our respective shit.

I mean, can you believe it? They might actually be making another Ace Ventura movie.

Ace Ventura 3, baby!

Sadly though, it seems the movie will be taking place without Jim Carrey.

For many fans, this changes everything… given that, Jim Carrey’s comedy is essentially the appeal of the movies.

Without Jim Carrey, people cannot imagine what Ace Ventura would be like. There’s no denying it would be a completely different movie… unless, I guess if they got a Carrey lookalike but that would just be weird.

Fans have been tweeting Jim Carrey directly hoping he would illuminate them on the Ace Ventura gossip.

Insofar, Carrey is keeping quiet.

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