Zac Efron’s New Girlfriend Looks Exactly Like Vanessa Hudgens

Back in 2006, when High School Musical dropped, Zac Efron was immediately projected from ‘just another guy’ to a world renowned heartthrob.

Since that moment, Efron’s status has risen from heartthrob to global sex symbol.

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Now, Efron’s got a girlfriend. A girl by the name of Vanessa Valladeres.

While it may sound like the sort of love-story from one of Efron’s movies. He actually met Valladares while she was working as a waitress in Byron Bay.

She was working tables and trying to make a name for herself as a model when she caught Efron’s eye and they’ve been fairly inseparable since.

They started hanging out in July before Efron took her on a ski trip. She later handed in her notice at the restaurant and has seemingly moved in with the movie star.

Weirdly, the couple don’t follow one another on social media – which you’d think meant they aren’t together.

Image Credit: Vanessa Valladares Instagram

However, paparazzi photos suggest otherwise.

But one thing people can’t stop talking about is just how much Valladares looks like his High School Musical co-star, Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

Image Credit: Vanessa Valladeres Instagram

Can you see the similarities? I sure can.

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