Tiger King Zoo Is Officially Reopened After Being Closed During Pandemic

If lockdown has you yearning for an up close and personal experience with a tiger, lion or maybe even a liger, then the Greater Wynnewood Zoo has you covered.

The former domain of Joe Exotic has reopened to the public, after closing its doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now under the ownership of Exotic’s rival Jeff Lowe, the Oklahoma zoo was opened to guests once again this week, with Lowe and his wife Lauren greeting them upon their entrance.

Allen Glover, who had allegedly been hired by Joe to assassinate rival and fellow big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin, was also in attendance on reopening day.

Huge crowds assembled at the park, with many not wearing masks while also ignoring social distancing rules.

Given how much the pandemic enforced closure must have set the zoo back revenue wise over the last couple of months, Lowe must have been desperate to reopen in case he was never able to recover from it financially.

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