Snoop Dogg Compares Kanye’s New Yeezy Slides To ‘Jail Slippers’

It’s safe to say that Kanye West’s fashion line, Yeezy, isn’t for everyone. While Yeezy has its many fans and loyal followers, it also has its many critics and it turns out that Snoop Dogg is one of them.

The legendary rapper is known well for his “laid-back” and “chilled” outlook on life, but his comment on the Yeezy slides shows how little he cares what others think of his opinion.

Snoop Dogg – Twitter

The new Yeezy collection is about to drop, and Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West, took to her Instagram story last week to gush over some of the items from the collection.

One of these items was the children’s Yeezy slides, in which Kim said: “New Yeezy slides for Kids OMG. They are so cute, so fresh. They’re like rubbery and so comfy.”

Kanye West’s Yeezy – Instagram

Snoop strongly disagreed by writing a comment on an Instagram post, saying: “She getting dudes out of jail, now he gone sell jail slippers. W.T.F. None of my business.”

Not only did this completely diss the slides – which do resemble jail slippers slightly, I must say – but it also made a dig at Kim’s new aspirations to become a lawyer.

Snoop giving his honest opinion – Instagram

His remarks also alluded to Kim’s work with Donald Trump in getting upwards of seventeen people who had been locked up on low-level drug offenses released from prison, as of early May.

Kanye and his family haven’t been in Snoop’s good books for a while now, and the two rappers have never seen eye-to-eye, especially when it comes to politics.

Snoop Dogg – Instagram

Kanye is an open Trump supporter, and Snoop isn’t impressed by this… at all. During an interview with DJ Suss One on Sirius XM, Suss attempted to get into a conversation about Yeezy and his politics. Snoop interrupted and began a rant about Trump and his racist supporters.

When discussing that anyone who supports Trump is a guaranteed racist, he said, “Kanye too. Don’t forget about him too. F*** you too. Throw him in the bag, he right with them mother******s.”

Mr. & Mrs. West – Instagram

It’s looking unlikely that Snoop will never stop calling out Kanye, and the pot-smoking rapper has gained even more of a following after his “jail slipper” comment, with thousands agreeing with his comment, so perhaps we shouldn’t be expecting a Kanye and Snoop Dogg collaboration any time soon…

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