Robert Pattinson Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The Batman has been put on hold once again after the film’s biggest star, Robert Pattinson, has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

Shooting for the film was first suspended back in March with the initial outbreak of coronavirus, and after finally resuming just a few days back, things have closed shop again.

Fans were treated to the highly-anticipated trailer earlier this month and it really did not disappoint with viewers all over the world delighted with the result.

Warner Bros. released a statement explaining that ‘a member of The Batman production has tested positive for COVID-19′, however the company did not mention anyone by name.

The statement added that the person who tested positive ‘is isolating in accordance with established protocols’, and that ‘filming is temporarily paused’ as a result.

Warner Bros. did not comment on any individual worker’s health, however a ‘highly placed source’ told Vanity Fair that it was Pattinson himself who had come down with the virus.

If any member of the team caught coronavirus, production would likely have halted anyway, however the temporary pause is even more necessary considering it would be fairly impossible to film The Batman without, you know, the Batman himself…

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