Prince Charles Accused Of Flipping Off Donald Trump During Meeting

It’s no secret that President Trump isn’t the most likable person knocking about these days. With his controversial politics – and his overall personality in general – Trump isn’t particularly the favorite amongst fellow world leaders.

And this week, that ideology was only cemented further after a member of the British Royal Family was seen allegedly flipping the President off.

I know, it sounds completely absurd, doesn’t it? A member of the Royal Family, using an obscene gesture towards the President of the United States? Surely not!

Well, footage from Trump’s recent visit to Buckingham Palace begs to differ, as Prince Charles can actually be seen making the rude hand gesture… Sort of.


The President and First Lady, Melania Trump, can be seen entering a room in the vast palace and greeting the Queen, who is accompanied by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The Queen seems pleased to see the President (yeah, really…), and smiles as she shakes his hand.

But as for Charles?


Well, like his mother, he is also smiling, and politely greets the President. But, as Trump is talking to the Queen, Charles casually lifts a hand up to his face and scratches his nose… While his middle finger remains stuck out and elevated towards Donald.

Not so subtle, Charles…

However, Charles can then be seen making conversation with Trump in what seems like a rather polite manner.

But you can watch the full, and rather awkward, interaction above, and ultimately decide for yourself whether Charles was simply scratching his face, or being a little more mischevious than what initially meets the eye…

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