Picture Of Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend’s Expression Goes Viral

Keanu Reeves is most definitely the man of the year, and there’s nothing that we love more than some wholesome Keanu-related news.

This week has brought us the ultimate Keanu news – he has finally become official with his long-term girlfriend Alexandra Grant.

Keanu and Alexandra at the ACMA Art & Film Gala – Twitter

 Yesterday, Keanu walked the red carpet at the ACMA Art & Film Gala, and he wasn’t alone.

He brought along Alexandra as his date, and it turns out that the couple has been dating for quite some time now – they just wanted to keep things extremely private.

Alexandra Grant – Twitter

Born in Ohio but raised in Mexico, France, and Spain, Alexandra is a well-known visual artist, and going from her Instagram page, she’s very talented.

She has a BA Honors in History and Studio Art, so her career has been her entire life.

She has actually collaborated with Keanu on some creative projects together. This includes the 2011 “grown-ups picture book” Ode to Happiness, written by Keanu and with illustrations by Alexandra.

They even collaborated together on John Wick, taking some of the franchise’s promo shots.

The happy couple – Twitter

The world has completely lost its mind over Keanu and Alexandra becoming official as we have been trapped in a guessing game over Keanu’s love life over the past few years.

Of course, social media has been working its magic and thanks to the world of Millenials and memes, a photograph of Alexandra has gone viral and people are living for it.

The Keanu meme of the Century – Twitter

This photograph was snapped at the Art & Film Gala and it captures Alexandra walking hand in hand with Keanu with a noticeably smug expression on her face – well, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be smug holding hands with Keanu Reeves?

Twitter users sent floods of love and support for the happy couple, with one user writing: “Just when you think he can’t get any cooler, he’s fallen for a natural beauty who is rocking her beautiful silver hair. Wishing them both so much happiness.”

Alexandra & Keanu – Twitter

Keanu has been open about his heartbreaking past after losing his former girlfriend Jennifer Syme and their unborn baby in 1999.

It is truly wonderful to see Keanu happy and in love again, and it is the least that he deserves for being the wonderful human being that he is!

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