Pamela Anderson Accused Of Racism For Halloween Costume

Old photographs of Pamela Anderson’s old Halloween costume have been recircling the internet today, and people are not impressed.

The Baywatch star posed for a raunchy photoshoot four years ago, in which she was photographed topless, dripping in white paint, and holding onto a traditional Native American headdress.


Now, it doesn’t take a genius to see why this certain outfit could be considered as problematic. The model is not only appropriating a different culture just for a costume, but she is appropriating a culture that has such a heartbreaking and violent history as a result of colonization, and a culture that still faces prejudice and injustice today.

Well, most of us see it that way, because Pamela seemingly saw no issue with the photoshoot, and went ahead and posted it to her Twitter account anyway.

She carelessly shared the two photographs on October 31st with the caption, “Happy Halloween” and a ghost emoji.

And, it’s needless to say, her fans were not happy. Twitter users were quick to slam Pamela for being “culturally insensitive”, “inappropriate”, and even “racist” for resharing the old photos.

Meanwhile, the president of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council Judith Sayers agreed, commenting that she was “totally disgusted” by the tweet, telling CBC’s All Points West “You know for a person of her stature, she should know better.”

But Pamela was seemingly unfazed by the online backlash she had received, and responded by simply sharing an article titled “The Illogic of Cultural Appropriation”.

The article, which is Pamela’s only current defense for her photoshoot, attempts to justify cultural appropriation despite repeated statements from community leaders about how harmful it is.

But people weren’t buying it, with one Twitter user writing, “She obviously doesn’t get it. Or doesn’t want to. Willful ignorance is an interesting justification.”

Pamela is yet to comment further on the photos, but let’s hope she soon comes back to her senses…

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