Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Have Broken Up

Tragic news for any mega fans of the relationship that Miley Cyrus formed with Cody Simpson.

Why? Well if you’ve not read the headline already, they’ve broken up.

According to TMZ, the seemingly happy couple ended their relationship in the past couple of weeks.

Sources close to the couple explained that the reason behind the big split remains unknown – what is certain however, is that it’s come as a huge shock.

While most only remember Cody Simpson and Miley for their romantic antics, it must be remembered that they’ve been close friends for over five years.

Speaking about Miley in the past, Cody claimed she’s the ‘coolest girl’ he’d ever met. He also opened up about how Miley had massively helped him let his hair down, and not stress too much about the pressures which come with fame.

In other interviews, Cody described Miley as his ‘best friend’.

Miley was criticized for her relationship with Cody – given that it was reported they were dating just two months after it was revealed her and Liam Hemsworth were getting divorced.

Let’s hope Miley and Cody are both doing well following the break up. It’s never easy.

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